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KATHLEEN JESSE                                                             
220 COUNTY RD AO20W                                                
1987-1989       University of California, Berkeley, MFA
1984-1987       California State University, Hayward, Painting
1970-1975       University of Nebraska, Lincoln, BS
1967-1968       Creighton University, Omaha, NE
2004    War Paintings for the Nursery Greenwood Chebiths Gallery,Laguna Beach
2004    University Museum, Albuquerque, NM
2002    Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA 
2000    Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
1997    Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, Ca
1995    Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, Ca.
1993    Caplan Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca.
1990    Jeremy Stone Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.
1989    Introductions, Jeremy Stone Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.
1989    Danville Gallery, Danville, Ca.
2009    Faculty Exhibition, Santa Fe Community College’s School of Art and Art History
2007/8 Adam Whitney Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska
            Greenwood Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2006    University Museum, Painting Faculty Exhibition.  University of New Mexico
2003    Women by Women, Jenkins-Johnson Gallery, San Francisco
2003    Greenwood Chebiths Gallery, Laguna Beach
2003    8, UNM Painting Faculty Exhibition, Jonson Gallery. Albuquerque ,NM
2002    Jenkins-Johnson Gallery, San Francisco
2001    Contemporary Devotion, San Jose Museum of Art. Susan Landuer, ,  Katie and Drew Gibson Chief Curator
            Saltonstall Grant Recipients 2000, State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca, NY
2000    Undinotti Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ. 
2000    San Francisco International Art Fair
2000    Udinotti Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (March). Two-person show
1999    Nine Contemporary Women Artist, Forum Gallery, New York, NY 
1999    Tacoma Museum of Art. Tacoma, Washington (August- November)
1999    Udinotti Gallery.  Scottsdale,  Arizona
1998    Hind Sight, Joseph Gross Gallery, University of Arizona
1998    In Proximity, Elmira College, Elmira, NY
1997    Stone, Marraccini and Pattersen, San Francisco, CA
1997    Faculty show, Lowe art Gallery, Syracuse University, NY
1997    One Size Fits All, an Artspace Project.  Syracuse, NY
1996    mythic narratives,  Palo Alto Cultural Center. Palo Alto , CA. Curated - Mayfield
1996    Heroes,  Susan Cummins Gallery,  Mill Valley, Ca.
1995    University Gallery, six-person exhibition, California State University, Hayward
1995    Faculty Show.  Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.
1994    The Gold Show, Palo Alto Cultural Center. Palo Alto, Ca.
1994    Susan Cummins Gallery. Mill Valley, Ca.
1994    Small Works, Caplan Gallery. Santa Monica, Ca.
1993    Caplan Gallery. Santa Monica, Ca.
1993    Faculty Show. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
1992    “9”, Walter/Mcbean Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute. Catalogue
1992    Caplan Gallery. Santa Monica, Ca.
1992    Looking Out Looking In, Richmond Art Center. Richmond, Ca. Catalogue
1991    In Thine Own Image,  Institute of Contemporary Art. San Jose, Ca. four-person 1991
            The New Romantics, Monterey Peninsula Museum.  Monterey, Ca.
1991    Chain Reaction, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery.  Ca.
1990    Artist of Contra Costa County, Hearst Gallery, Saint Mary’s College. Catalogue
1990    Recent Faculty Work, Shasta College. Redding, Ca.
1990    Selected Acquisitions/ Recent Work, Jeremy Stone Gallery. San Francisco, Ca.
1989    MFA/UCB/1989 University Art Museum. Berkeley, Ca.
1989    The Annual, Pro Arts Gallery. Oakland, Ca. Catalogue
1988    Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley.  Berkeley, CA
1988    The Last Picture Show, Walnut Creek Civic Arts Center.  Walnut Creek, CA
1988    27th Annual Exhibition, Haffa, Hayward, Ca.
1987    The Art Store Gallery. Oakland, Ca.
1986    Site-Plan, University Gallery, Cal State, Hayward. Two-person exhibition and site- specific installation
1985    Spaces, University Gallery, Cal State, Hayward.  Three-person exhibition
1985    Walnut Creek Civic Arts Gallery. Walnut Creek, Ca.
2000- 2009      University of New Mexico, Associate Professor
1996-1997       Syracuse University Florence Center, Florence, Italy.  Visiting Professor
1994-2000       Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY Assistant Professor
1993-1994       Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY Visiting Assistant Professor
1989-1990       Shasta College, Redding, CA Instructor/lecturer                  
1987-1989       U.C. Berkeley.  Teaching Assistant
2004    University Museum, University of New Mexico
2003    Jonson Museum, participated in a panel discussion on painting
2001    Slide presentation, San Jose University, San Jose, CA
2000    Paris, Artist in residence, July (California College of Arts and Crafts, summer program)
1999    l’Ecole d’Art a’Aix, Aix-en-Provence, July (California College of Arts & Crafts)
1998    University of Arizona, Visiting Artist and Scholars Program
1996    Central Washington University, Art Department
1995    California College of Arts and Crafts, Painting Department
1995    U.C. Berkeley, Painting class discussion and critique
1993    California State Univ., Fullerton. Painting Dept.
1993    Syracuse University, Studio Arts Guest Lecture
1992    U.C. Berkeley. Graduate Class and Freshman Seminar
1991    Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose California
2001-2002   UNM Creative Research Grant ($900)
2000-2001   Saltonstall Grant ($5000/period 8/2000-7/2001)
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